Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So, what's new?

So... what have we been up to, you ask? What HAVEN'T we been up to? :) We have had a busy busy couple months. To recap a few weeks....

Aly, myself and her Auntie went down to Cincinnati to go to the zoo and meet up with some of our most missed Midland families who have relocated to Kentucky (even with me hanging on her leg, sobbing like a two year old as she got into the car to move out of town... she went anyways.. what KIND of a person? ;) Just kidding Sue- I'll always love you. :) ). Aly and their son Ben are only 4 days apart and they love each other. I mean, they LOVE each other. They are so stinkin cute. We couldn't end up going to the zoo because the forecast for the day was 104 degrees for the high and it was already 89 by 7:30am. That's a little too hot to be outside all day. So we opted for the aquarium instead. We met outside the entrance to the aquarium and cutie patooties Ben and Aly just beelined for each other, meeting in a loving embrace that was too cute for words. I didn't have my camera out, but trust me, it was adorable.

Here they are in the hotel watching their favorite, Toy Story. They kept inching closer and closer and closer to the TV, so someone was just a little ahead of the other... until they got a little too close and pushed it right off the couch.

To which our response was retreating them to their own corners and putting the TV in more of a central location. :)

We had such a great time with them and were sad that this will be the last time we see them before the big Michigan winter hits and road trips are few and far between.

The next weekend, Aly and I met up with some of our heart friends at the Metro Detroit Congenital Heart Walk. It was such a great morning! We got to catch up with friends, old and new and Aly got to have ice cream in the morning and play with bubbles. So she was happy and so was I. :) Aly had a blast playing with the hula hoop too. :)

Two days after the heart walk, Jeremy and I and 4 of our very besties headed off to Cancun for 5 days of fun in the sun. And it was exactly that. We had such an amazing time but we definitely missed our girl. She had a great time too hanging out with her grandparents. She won't stop talking about the hot air balloon show they went to......

This is a good segeway into... that's right folks... it's time for another edition of ALYISMS!!!

**While at the hot air balloon show, Aly kept talking about the "butt paste" balloon. LOL. My mom said there was a yellow balloon with red stripes on it (apparently looking very similar to the butt paste container) and she kept yelling for the butt paste balloon and annoucing that she sees "25 butt paste balloons.". LOL. She's still talking about them.

**My mom brought Aly back to our house on the day we were flying in since we were getting in close to bedtime. She said on the way to our house Aly was screaming, "I'm comin' mama daddy! I'm comin'!"

**Everything with our girl is "Of course!". For instance... "Aly, would you like milk or water with your dinner?" Response: "Milk of course, mama".

**Her favorite songs in the whole world right now are all from the movie Tangled. She plays with her toys singing, "I gotta dream! I gotta dream!" at the top of her lungs.

**Her favorite movie right now is hands down, Rio. Normally in the morning Aly's standard greeting to me is, "Hi mama, sweet dreams, milk please." That's the first thing she says to me everyday. Apparently she got tired of waiting for me to ask if she had sweet dreams every morning because now she just cuts me off before I get a chance. The other day I walked in her room and she looked at me with a total straight face and just said, "Rio."

**Another funny about her Rio obsession... if you have seen the movie before you will know that one of the main characters (birds) is Blue (that is his name). He is, you guessed it, blue in color. Most of the movie is based in Rio de Janeiro (hence the name). This is a concept that Aly does not understand. She thinks the birds name is Rio. There's a couple points in the movie where Blue is running away from the mean bird. During these times Aly stands up and yells "Run Rio Run!" I tell her, "The birds name is blue Aly." To which she says, "Yes mama, bird is blue." SIGH. :)

Last but not least, a short list of prayer requests.

1. Aly has a cardiology appointment in two weeks. As always I'm gettin the heart mama jitters. We would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers that all goes well.

2. I have a heart mama who I cannot seem to keep out of my thoughts lately. Do you all remember Mary Clare? She has the same special heart as Aly and had her Fontan the same week Aly did. When Mary Clare was discharged after her Fontan, her and her family stopped at their favorite restaurant on their way home. Mary Clare had a grand mal seizure at the restaurant and they were rushed back to the hospital. Over the next few weeks they learned that their daughter also has epilepsy as well as a special heart. Mary Clare's mama is so amazing. She always has such a positive attitude. Just as things have gotten under control and back to normal for their family, she found out about a month ago she has breast cancer. She has since started chemotherapy and is dealing with everyday as it comes and holding strong to her amazing attitude. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that this chemotherapy works for her. Click here for her blog.

3. Please keep our cutie patootie friend Mason in your thoughts and prayers.  He is recovering from his full repair surgery two days ago.  Click here for his blog.

Thanks for checking in with us! I promise to try harder to update more often! :)


  1. Oh my what a busy, busy read! LOL at the butt paste balloons and Rio. What a funny and adorable update. Praying for her appointment to go perfect and for Mary and family and Mason. Love n Prayers~Lis

  2. Y'all have been busy!  Aly is too funny.  I love reading the "Aly-sims!"  Glad you all have rounded out this summer with a bang!!

  3. I LOVE your Aly stories! She is such a character! I can just imagine her saying all of these things in all her cuteness. Love you Miss Aly!!!