Friday, November 18, 2011

"Racking" and updates. :)

A couple months back I was vacationing with some great girlfriends and were having a discussion about giving.  These women are all very giving, thoughtful people, but at the moment we were discussing the one who has a lot on her plate and somehow seems to find the time to give.  A LOT.  She was, of course, saying we were making a big deal out of nothing and she wasn't anything special (couldn't be farther from the truth :) ) and she said something that really stuck with me.  She said (and I'm paraphrasing but this is definitely pretty darn close to the original statement),

 "I just don't feel right if I'm not doing something for other people.  I feel selfish, I feel like everything is me, me, me and it just feels... BLECK."

Huh. When she said it I heard her but I didn't really think about it until later.  Once I really started to think about it, it actually made me uncomfortable.  I thought about myself.  I mean really thought about me and I wasn't overly impressed with what I came up with. 
Over the last two years (almost THREE!) we have had to take a step back and focus on us.  Focus on our family and what we needed to do.  I know that we missed some major occasions in our friends and families lives, we forgot to ask about the simple things and I'm sure have been guilty of not really listening when we did give someone the chance to talk about something that was going on with them.  I genuinely feel bad about that but we were in a survival mode of sorts and did what we had to do. 
Now, I would like to say that pre-Aly Jean's special heart I was this giving, thoughtful person. I had my moments and don't consider myself an overly selfish person but I wasn't what I would like to be. 
I want to become a person who just does nice thoughtful things without even realizing you're doing it even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone. I have been making a conscious effort to do little things for people, sometimes strangers sometimes not and have learned that it does feel good and feels like the right thing to do. 
So I have been so intrigued by RACKing. We have decided as a family to create a R.A.C.K. calendar- counting down the 25 days to Christmas starting December 1st.  Every single day we will do a Random Act of Christmas Kindness.  I am SO excited about this.  I hope that this will get our family in the routine of doing this year round.  I want to raise Aly to be a giver and know how good it feels to give.  At dinner last night we talked about some ideas and have a pretty good list going.  Now if there are any of you that haven't heard of this before (in doing my research, I realized this has been going on for a long time- selfish me had just never heard of it. ;) ) here a few links I borrowed ideas from- here, here and here
Are you doing this? Or, have you done it in the past? Do you have any creative ideas? After the season is over I will post our ideas so it will be out there for others who might be in my shoes (TOTAL NEWBIES) next year and are looking for suggestions. 
As much as I DESPISE snow (have I mentioned that before? I'm SURE I have.) I am SO excited about the holiday season this year.  Aly and I pulled out the Christmas classics last week and watched Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I loved watching these with her.  Even though, at this point, she has absolutely NO interest in Santa.  We were talking about the idea of Santa bringing presents to our house like in the movie and she adamantly told me, "No.  Mama bring presents. No Santa."  LOL. So, we'll see how breakfast with Santa works out in a couple weeks.  This weekend we are off to the Santa Parade which she is REALLY excited about because we told her there would be candy involved.  She already dug up her Halloween pumpkin and is talking about "twick or tweat" at the "pawade.".

Last week we made a trip down to U of M for Aly's follow up from her ear tube placement surgery.  Shockingly, she was a TERROR whenever the doctor and nurse came in the room.  During the hearing test she kept her eyes covered.  The only way they could test her hearing was she would turn her head in the direction of the noise and say "no" and look the opposite way.  LOL.  Interestingly, they said her hearing was better then pre-tubes.  This is interesting to me because before the tubes we were told her hearing was great.  Other than that the tubes looked good and we got a 6 month pass. They told us they should fall out in the next 8-18 months and if they haven't fallen out by the time we hit the three years (of having the tubes in) mark they will surgicially remove them. I realized that Aly has not been sick once since she got her tubes- until this week, she has a cold, but before that NADA.  That is by far the longest we've ever gone without an ear infection. 
After our appointment we were walking out of the old hospital for what will probably be the very last time (the new hospital opens in early December) and saw the cutest little shirt that Aly HAD to have.  We completely 180'd and marched to the Community Relations office and Nonnie bought Miss Aly one.  The following is my attempt to get a cute picture of her in it.  After a while I gave up since they were all blurry and she wouldn't hold still.  But they are still cute none the less, right? :)

Happy Holiday Season to our amazing friends and family!!

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  1. Jenny, thanks so much for your note of encouragement! I was actually thinking about you because I had been carrying my cell phone with me everywhere waiting for the call from scheduling, and I was laughing thinking about your post about where you were when you got the call from scheduling!!! Hey, you've got to take that call whenever and where ever you may be :)
    Jen, Gracie's mom